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Team Fortress v2.14

This file contains details about making Maps specifically for TeamFortress. You don't need to know these details to play the game, even on a TeamFortress Map.

Beware! This is not for the faint-hearted!

 TFENTREF.TXT This is a reference sheet for people who're trying to read/debug the entities on their TF map. It's simply a quick description of every variable for all the TF entities. It's simply a quick-reference. For full details, see the tfortmap.txt file.

 502TUTOR.ZIP This is the TF Map Making Tutorial available on The TF Map Factory web page. This .ZIP contains the tutorial in .TXT format so you can work offline, at your own rythm. Also contained within is the EXAMPLE1.MAP file needed to follow the tutorial. 


 Worldcraft Map Editor Worldcraft is the Map Editor I was first introduced to, and also happens to be the one I find most intuitive and easy to use. Visit their site and d/l a trial version.


EntEd is an Entity Editor.
All it does it load in .map files and edit the entities inside them.
You _cannot_ make maps, or move entities around in the maps.

I don't think many people would enjoy Map Making as much as they currently do, if it wasn't for this amazing program written by Jeremy Morton - aka Raistlan

 The Forge This site is extremely useful to the beginning map maker. It contains a very explicit and well written Tutorial on map making basics using the Worldcraft Map Editor. The files section of this site also includes many usefull goodies such as compilers & texture packs.


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