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Lighting Behavior

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Lighting Behavior

These global settings control the behavior of various aspects of the lighting during the main calculations.


location: command-line    version: 3.00  
no values default: disabled (surface lights bright)

Prevents all light-emitting surfaces from automatically being made fully bright. This can be useful when mapping for a modern Quake2 engine modification that features more realistic texture-based fullbrights.

no example image example map

-radmin  cutoff

location: command-line    version: 1.50  
cutoff: > 0 default: 0

Qrad3 creates "transfers" to track light sent between patches. The amount of light is based on many factors, including distance and relative surface angles. This option sets a minimum cutoff level, reducing the number of transfers, which decreases compile time and memory requirements. Note: the changes to the bounced light appearance can be somewhat unpredictable. Tiny decimal values (<= .01) tend to look best.

no example image example map

-stylemin  brightness

location: command-line    version: 2.50  
brightness: > 0 default: 1

Sets the minimum brightness cutoff for all special (non-0) lightstyles (normal lighting is unaffected). If their light falls below this brightness level, it will simply not be added to the lightmaps.

no example image example map

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