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Here are some helpful tips for using BSP.

New Users

  - Read the config files in the settings directory. There is a lot to learn from them!

  - Click and drag in 2D windows to create a brush. Click and drag outside of the brush to resize it. Click and drag on brush corners to edit vertices.

  - Press ESC to deselect everything. Shift-click to select/deselect individual objects. Left click objects in the 3D window to select or deselect them.

  - Shift+right-click to create clippers. Move clip points to intersect the selection. Use "Carve" or "Split" to deform the selection. This is the best way to make angled shapes.

  - Ctrl+click and drag on a selected brush's vertex to rotate the selection.

  - Navigate 3D with arrow keys, Ins, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Del keys, and mouse.

  - To make an entity, create a new brush and leave it selected. In the entity window, choose the entity type you want to create and then click "Make entity".

Performance Tips

  - In Window's control panel under Keyboard options, set the repeat rate to the fastest setting and the delay to the shortest setting. This will speed up keyboard navigations in the 3D view.

  - Disable model rendering.

  - Grid lines will draw faster than grid dots in XY.

  - Use groups and regions to reduce the amount of geometry that has to be drawn. Use "Omit" features to hide certain classes of objects.

  - GL: Disable fog or lighting.