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Note: If no games show up in the Choose Game dialog, or if you see the error message "Couldn't find [c:\BSP\quake2\game.cfg], quitting...", it means BSP did not find a game.cfg file in any of its subdirectories. For example, if BSP is installed to C:\BSP, for Quake editing there should exist a file C:\BSP\Quake\game.cfg. Re-install BSP to restore the default files.

Install Games to Edit

First, you should have any games you are editing for installed on your system. BSP utilizes the .pak files and game data from games to display models and textures.

For Quake 1 engine games, BSP loads their textures through .wad files. These .wad files are not included with the game, but textures from the game can be extracted into .wad files. More textures can be found on the internet (try, or A small .wad file containing a few textures from Q1 is included in the quake\maps directory.

BSP uses batch files to build map files into .bsp files to play in games. These batch files, that can be found in the game directories, may need to be modified to have the directories point to the right locations. For information on setting up batch files for compiling and running maps, see the Export to *.bsp  section.

Installing BSP

New install:
Just run the setup utility and choose a destination folder to extract to.

Upgrade install:
It is highly recommended to install BSP .96 to a fresh directory! With BSp .96, a utility is included to upgrade config files. Please refer to bspupd96.txt for instructions on the upgrade install.

Directory Configuration

From within BSP, game settings can be edited by going to the Game section of the options, or by clicking File->Preferences->Game/Directories... menu. After configuring game options, click the Write Game.cfg file button and restart BSP.

For information on individual game options, see Game Configuration .

Note!   Game setup can be simplified a lot by having the games installed to their default locations. When this is the case, there is very little need to change the config file and it will usually "just work".

Example default game install locations: