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Download BSP Quake Editor
Latest Version
Download the .zip, extract to a new folder, and run BSP.exe. Requires Windows 7 or higher. If your OS is 32-bit, run BSP32.exe instead.
BSP v.97q7 - 7/10/2022.

Previous Versions
BSP v.97q6 - 2/8/2022.
BSP v.97q5 - 10/8/2021.
BSP v.97q4 - 9/18/2021.
BSP v.97q2 - 9/21/2020.
BSP v.97q - 9/5/2020.
BSP v.97m - 4/25/2020.
BSP v.97k - 4/18/2020.
BSP v.97i - 4/1/2020.
BSP v.97h - 2/16/2020.
BSP v.97g - 3/28/2019.
BSP v.97f - 2/17/2019.
BSP v.97c - 8/20/2018.
BSP v.97b - 5/18/2018.
BSP v.96d - Executable only. Includes .96c update, and SSE2 version. 10/10/2007.
BSP v.96c - Executable only. This has an important fix for Windows 98 users. 7/14/2007.
BSP v.96b - Installer. 7/10/2007.
BSP v.95e - Executable only. 1/7/2007.
BSP v.95e P4 SSE2 - Optimized for Pentium 4 SSE2. Executable only. 1/7/2007.
BSP v.95c - Installer. 10/7/2006.
BSP v.95c P4 SSE2 - Optimized for Pentium 4 SSE2. Executable only. 10/7/2006.
BSP v.94b - 7/2/2006.
BSP v.94b P4 SSE2 - Optimized for Pentium 4 SSE2. Executable only. 7/2/2006.
BSP v.93b with installer - The last official release made by Yahn Bernier. 10/31/1998.
Mapping Tools
Quake 1 Build Tools
ArghLite 2.0 - Enhanced version of Light by Tim Wright. - Original QBSP, Vis and Light from id.
rvis - Faster version of VIS by Antony Suter. Includes source.
TyrLite .99b - Enhanced version of Light with .lit support by Tyrann.
wqbsp 1.65 - Transparent Water QBSP with Hipnitual Extensions by Ken Alverson. - BspInfo, Light, and Vis by Bengt Jardrup.

Quake 1 Texture WADs
quake.wad - Textures from Quake 1. (AKA quake101.wad, a combination of base.wad, medieval.wad, base.wad, wizard.wad)
More wads here...

Quake 2 Build Tools
QBSP, ArghRad 2, Vis - Utilities required to build Quake2 map files.
ArghRad 3.0 - The latest (test) version. Readme: arghrad300t.txt. Online documentation: ArghRad Manual.

Bsp2Wad v2 - Extract textures from a .bsp file.
EntEd v2.0 RC0.2 - Entity Editor for .map and .bsp files. Supports entities for Quake, Quake2, and TeamFortress. This project is abandonware. Register with the following info to unlock all of its features. username: ented password: ACKGQKMUQ[UW_
PakExplorer v1.2 - A browser for Quake PAK files.
PakScape v0.11 - A better browser for Quake PAK files.