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The nquake package makes it easy for users to set up a new installation of Quake that is ready to connect to any QuakeWorld server. This installs Quake 1 shareware and ezQuake as part of its setup process. The setup says it requires Pak1.pak from the registered version of Quake, but this can be ignored if you only wish to play multiplayer QW games. Download from

The original Quake 1 shareware is available from

Quake Clients
These clients are replacements for the main Quake executable and each add their own set of new features.
DarkPlaces : screenshots // ezQuake : screenshots // FTE Quake : screenshots // ZQuake

QuakeWorld Servers
Live stats from USA QW servers. Many amnesia players can be found on IRC at in channels #MegaTeamFortress or #amnesia.

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More QuakeWorld servers can be found at or